They call me Peps.

If you’d like to use any of my images for commercial reasons (that includes blogs, news reports, and Youtube channels) please contact me to gain my written consent before doing so. If for non-commercial reasons, crediting Lenpep and linking to the relevant article or website homepage is fine. If you are unsure about any of this please email me before doing anything else. I don’t like stealing. Regarding whole articles or written content, contact me in any situation. I am a reasonable person, and will try to respond ASAP.

My email address is Why yes, I have had it since I was 14.

Phone contact is difficult, but if you shout loud enough I might hear you.

My dedicated fan page on Facebook is Lenpeps, where I am probably most active.

My Instagram is @lenpeps. I mainly post up pics from my trips, stuff that might make either me or you laugh, and cover shots what might go with my blog posts: just to give you a little nudge and let you know when they’re ready for consumption.

If you’re into tweeting and all that, the handle is @lenpeps. If I’ve done this right, then the posts will be twatted automatically, so if you follow me you’ll get a steaming hot plate of blog delivered to your e-door.

Finally, my LINE messenger ID is lenpep. Sorry to make things confusing.