They call me Peps.

My email address is Why yes, I have had it since I was 14.

Phone contact is difficult, but if you shout loud enough I might hear you.

My dedicated fan page on Facebook isĀ Lenpeps, where I am probably most active.

My Instagram is @lenpeps. I mainly post up pics from my trips, stuff that might make either me or you laugh, and cover shots what might go with my blog posts: just to give you a little nudge and let you know when they’re ready for consumption.

If you’re into tweeting and all that, the handle is @lenpeps. If I’ve done this right, then the posts will be twatted automatically, so if you follow me you’ll get a steaming hot plate of blog delivered to your e-door.

Finally, my LINE messenger ID is lenpep. Sorry to make things confusing.