about this and me and that


Hello, my name is Peps and I like travelling. Like lots of other people. However, not everyone travels, and not everyone writes about it. Hence this thing here what I’m doing.

Generally I’m going to be talking inane rubbish, but will try to liven the party up with a documented foreign excursion or two. Also, I’ll be giving my top tips for visited places as lots of people love travelling but get a little stressed out trying to find places to stay and things to eat, bless ’em. Hopefully I can pass on some decent info, and you can buy me a beer someday. Don’t forget. I won’t. If I have the energy, I try and sniff out decent little places that perhaps don’t host many foreign types like me. Again, I’ll pass on the good stuff.

Oh yeah. And I’m a 31 year old Englishman. Buying a Porsche costs too much, so this is the way I soothe my premature mid-life crisis. You lucky people.